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With backgrounds in ecology, we feel very strongly when it comes to minimizing our impact on our world. This means that we aim to use products that are organic, fair trade and that are sustainable.


Palm Oil and the Rainforest


Palm oil in baking can be a huge problem, particularly in vegan and dairy-free baking. Vegan substitutes for butter generally contain unsustainable palm oil. We all know the devastating truth about palm oil and it's destructive impact on Malaysian & Indonesian rainforests and wildlife within them. This is why we only use products that use Rainforest Alliance certified and organic palm oil products in our baking or palm oil-free products. 


Cocoa & Chocolate


All of the chocolate that we use here at Red Robin Pantry is finest quality Belgian chocolate, it is also organic and fair trade, as is the cocoa powder that we use.


Dairy, Eggs, & Vegan Baking


We do make splendid vegan cakes, but we're not actually vegans here at Red Robin Pantry, so we do use dairy and eggs in our baking too. We do however source all of our eggs and dairy products from organic farms right here in the south-west. We believe in supporting ethical farming practices and sourcing our ingredients locally if possible.


Flour, Sugar, & Other Ingredients


We aim to source these products from sustainable sources, for example, we only use organic flour in all of our baking and organic fairtrade sugar. 


Fruit & Veg


All fruit and vegetables used are sourced locally and organic where possible. We do not use avocados as an alternative in vegan baking, as often the farming practices involved in growing are not generally ethical.




We have a whole section on decorating with flowers in our design & decoration section so I will keep this short. We do not decorate our cake with flowers grown for the floristry industry, we only use organic edible flowers that have been grown for human consumption at Maddocks Farm in Devon or those from our own edible garden.


This section is a work in progress, we are always looking for products that allow us to be as ethically responsible as possible.

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