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Falmouth & Truro Farmers Markets

Last Tuesday (23rd July) Red Robin Pantry joined Falmouth Farmers Market and we join Truro Farmers Market on Wednesdays from July 8th - Exciting! This short post is just about what you can expect from Red Robin Pantry if you stop by our stall and where we plan to go from there.

A lot of you probably know us for our buttercream cakes, but although I started my patisserie life as a cake baker, Red Robin Pantry started life back in late 2015 in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire making and selling handmade chocolates, gourmet marshmallows, fudge and other wonderful confections. So at Falmouth & Truro Farmers Markets, we've gone back to these roots.

Falmouth Farmers Market runs every Tuesday at the Moor from 9.00am - 1.30pm, and we're at the Wednesday Truro Farmers Market from 9.00am - 4.oopm at Lemon Quay. If you pop along to see us we'll have a wonderful clotted cream truffles in various flavours, which you can buy singley, in standard pastry boxes (cutting the cost down for you a little), or in our usual gift boxes as they would be available online!

We also have our gourmet marshmallows, fluffy as a cloud and oh so good, that are available singley or in boxes for you to mix and match our summer flavours. We'll be trialing products at farmers markets before we launch them on our online shop, so if you want to be the first to get your hands on our newest tasty treats then popping along is a good idea! Our marshmallows are only avaliable for pre-order until later this week on our online shop!

Our loaded artisan chocolate bars are all handmade with organic & fairtrade Belgian chocolate that we flavour ourselves with natural flavourings and fully loaded with all sorts of goodies. If you like white chocolate then we have Raspberry Almond Shortcake; Lemon, Blackberry & Mint; and my personal favourite toasted coconut chai latte, a spiced white chocolte with yet more cinnamon and toasted coconut to finish. Milk chocolate lovers will find Maple, Pecan & Pumpkin Seed; Cardamom & Pistachio; Strawberry & White Chocolate Drizzle; as well as Honey & Honeycomb, honey-infused milk chocolate with Cornish sea salt and our homemade honeycomb! Finally, for dark chocolate lovers, we have our 57% Dark Chocolate & Orange Bar with Fig & Toasted Hazelnuts; for those who like things a little more on the dark side, we have Peppermint & Cocao Nibs 72% Dark Chocolate as well as Mango & Lime 72% with Chipotle & Smoked Sea Salt.

We've been feeling a little nostalgic during lockdown, so we decided it was time to give snowies and jazzies a little revamp from the pick'n'mix sprinkle topped buttons from your childhood to our wonderful and very jazzy version. We went with a little bling for our standard snowies and jazzies, we have white chocolate snowies with copper sprinkles, as well as milk & 57% dark chocolate jazzies, all available to buy in single flavours in bags of 150g or in mixed bags of all three.

For those that want a little magic and fun in their lives, we created our unicorn, mermaid and dragon drops. Marbled colourful white chocolate with bright colourful sprinkles in unicorn, mermaid and dragon themes, for all those kids big and small.

Throughout the year we'll be adding more products such as our homemade marzipans, almond and other nut dragees (toasted nuts in caramel and hand panned in chocolate), hot chocolate bombs and more. Pop along to see us and see what we are up to!

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