Price List

Celebration Cakes

6 inch 4 layer from £50 naked and

from £65 fully iced in buttercream or ganache


8 inch 4 layer from £70 naked and

from £90 fully iced in buttercream or ganache


10 inch 4 layer from £95 naked and

from £125 fully iced in buttercream or ganache


12 inch 4 layer from £120 naked and

from £160 fully iced in buttercream or ganache


Why not consider a trio of cakes in place of a stacked cake for your wedding. Each cake can be decorated differently in the naked or semi-naked style, fully iced in buttercream or ganache. With complementing elements throughout to tie in your theme. This is a great option particularly if you have vegan and gluten free guests. 

Naked & Semi Naked Wedding Cakes

Small Two-tier naked from £140

and from £165 semi-naked


Medium Two-tier naked from £185

and from £220 semi-naked



Small Three-tier naked from £250

and from £295 semi-naked


Large Three-tier naked from £320

and from £380 semi-naked



Four-tier naked from £380

and from £450 semi-naked


Small Two-tier from £175


Medium Two-tier from £235



Small Three-tier from £315


Large Three-tier from£410



Four-tier from £485


Each cake is fully iced in either traditional buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream or finest Belgian chocolate ganache.



Fully Iced

Buttercream Cakes

We offer a range of decorations including fresh flowers sourced from food safe/edible organic suppliers.

A full flower package to fully decorate a 2-3 tier wedding cake costs £75.

If you'd like fewer blooms on your wedding cake or perhaps fruit or herbs this can be done for £20-£50.

These can be added to your cake in posies, or even dried or pressed. 

Further bespoke decoration available on request.


Fresh & Edible Flowers, Herbs & Fruit Decoration

French Macarons from £4.00 per box 

Gourmet Marshmallows from £3.50 per box

Truffles from £4.00 per box

Dragees from £4.50 per box

Chocolate Drops from £3.00 per box

Wedding Favours

Dessert tables and cream tea table prices are availible on request.


We offer a range of savoury and sweet scones, tartlets, individual layer cakes & cupcakes, cake popsicles, macarons & confections. 


If you would like to discuss what we could do for you please contact us or have a look at our Dessert Table Section .

Dessert Tables

Portion Guide

All of our cakes consist of four layers, resulting in a taller cake, approximately six inches tall once iced, excluding additional decoration. The following portions are a guide as to how many slices each cake size may provide. If you wish to have more generous slices or leftovers, we suggest that you choose a larger cake size. 


Celebration or dessert portions are classed as a slice of cake. Wedding portions are much smaller, finger portions, which can be picked up with a napkin by your guests. If you are planning to have your wedding cake replace your dessert, we suggest you use the celebration portions to estimate how much cake you will require. 

Celebration Cake Portions 



Wedding Cake Portions

approx. 20

6 inch

Celebration Cake Portions


Wedding Cake Portions

approx. 40

8 inch

Celebration Cake Portions


Wedding Cake Portions

approx. 60

10 inch

Celebration Cake Portions 


Wedding Cake Portions

approx. 90

12 inch

Wedding Cake Portion Guide

Small Two-Tier

6-inch & 8-inch

feeds approximately 60 wedding guest


Medium Two-Tier

8-inch & 10-inch

feeds approximately 100 wedding guest 



Medium Three-Tier

6-inch, 8-inch & 10-inch

feeds approximately 120 wedding guest

Large Three-Tier

8-inch, 10-inch & 12-inch

feeds approximately 190 wedding guest

Large Four-Tier

6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch & 12-inch

feeds approximately 210 wedding guest

We do not make another size four-tier cake as we do not bake 4-inch or 14-inch cakes.

Wedding Cake Trios


If you need to feed more guests or if you want to make sure you have leftovers, we recommend a wedding cake trio. You can mix and match sizes and styles, or you could have just one of your cakes stacked and the other two in single tiers.   

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