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Red Robin Pantry was established in Falmouth, Cornwall in 2019, specialising in bespoke buttercream wedding cakes, handmade confectionery and patisserie. Red Robin Pantry creates works of art using the finest quality organic and ethically sourced ingredients. 

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Hi I'm Debbie, founder of Red Robin Pantry. Red Robin Pantry truly began when I was given a book on professional chocolate making for Christmas 2014 by my sister Sam. I was already well into my baking career by this point, but I'd never really thought much about chocolates and sweets. I started experimenting after work and attended village markets back in Bradford-on-Avon, where I was at the time. A couple of years later I ended up as the head baker at a buttercream bakery in Brighton. I'd dabbled in sugarcraft since I was a child, but i'd never been a fan of buttercream. Too sickly sweet I thought. That soon changed, as I discovered all the wonderful finishes and techniques that could be experimented with, particularly with meringue based buttercreams - which not only taste way better, they behave better too. And that was it I was in love. 

I decided in 2018 it was time to move back to Falmouth with my cocker spaniel Colin, where i'd studied for my MSc in Conservation Biology. At the start of 2019 I was back and relaunching Red Robin Pantry in its new incarnation as a buttercream wedding cake company. As well as being a baker since the grand old age of 5, making cakes with my nanny Irene - I am also an ex-ecologist and I love everything about nature. So blending my creative artistic side with my love of baking and of course nature, was the obvious path for me. This took me to specialising in edible flowers for all of my wedding cakes and developing my signature buttercream painting style.

One of my favourite things about working in bakeries and tearooms was getting to experiment with unusual flavours. At the end of 2019 I decided it was time to start experimenting with making chocolates and gourmet marshmallows again, and in 2020, when the world of weddings shut down, I ploughed headlong into this at local farmers markets and our online shop. For a long time Red Robin Pantry was just me, but not any longer. As of 2022 Mike joined to help take us into our next great adventure, as we head back to markets and work towards opening our first pâtisserie and shop this year!


Mike and Debbie have been friends since university, and joined Debbie at Red Robin Pantry in spring 2022.

Mike’s been cooking and baking since before he can remember; obsessed with food and constantly perusing his mum’s collection of recipe books. Early childhood hits including strawberry flavoured chocolate coated fudge from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes and honey-banana cupcakes from a children’s party cookbook (woah! So much nostalgia!). From 80’s cookbooks to Saturday morning food TV, he excitedly learned about mysterious outlandish things like manchego cheese and started trying to flog quail’s egg scotch eggs to his parent’s unsuspecting friends on New Year’s Eve.

Later, after moving to Falmouth to study Zoology at university he started exploring new cuisines with his flat mates as unwitting Guinea pigs. His greedy nature and love of the natural world turned into hungrily foraging across the Cornish countryside. It wasn’t until leaving university, incidentally where he met Debbie during their master’s degree, but not wanting to leave the natural beauty of Cornwall that he started cooking and baking as a career. He needed a job after all!

Over the past 6 years he’s worked in cafés in Falmouth as Head chef and a Bakery Manager, honing his skills, figuring out ways to make firm favourites vegan & gluten free, expanding the towns waistlines and generally making a delicious mess along the way.  

Now it’s time for a new venture, joining Debbie at Red Robin Pantry. After helping out at Christmas markets and testing new product ideas over the years, he’s here to bring balance to the force, championing his favourite, and Debbie’s most hated, flavours of banana and rhubarb to bring about an all-new delicious era of Red Robin Pantry.

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"Red Robin Pantry designed a trio of wonderful cakes, each one complimented the other so well, and they tasted absolutely delicious."

Samantha & David

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