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Not sure what style of flower or fruit arrangement you would like on your wedding cake. Have a look below at some of our past works for inspiration!

When you are done head back to our main design page for more styles that we offer

Halo Arrangments 

This style of arrangement covers the top of each tier of your cake and usually around the base of the cake too. 

Accent and Crescent Arrangements 

I've included these together as often crescent arrangements make up part of an accent arrangement.

Accents are similar to the halo style above except the flowers or fruit only cover part of each tier. These can alternate, be on the same side all the way down the cake or may not even be on every tier. The Crescent shape refers to the top of the cake. This arrangement like the first image below makes a 'C' shape often with foliage or smaller flowers at the edges. Alternatively you an opt for full coverage on top of the cake like the halo style above or just a few simple blooms particularly if you have a topper for your cake! Some of the arrangements below are on on cakes with other decoration, the floral arrangements here are a little more minimalist. 

Focal Points

This style is often a more minimalist arrangement. If you don't want too much decoration or perhaps you are coupling blooms with further decoration. Usually a single posy of flowers on one of the tiers.