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We can make a range of cakes, confections and desserts for allergen sensitive or specialist diets. Please let us know of any dietary requirements that you or your guests may have for your big day. Especially food allergens, no matter how obscure you may think they are.

Please be aware that although we can make many of our cakes and confections as vegan, vegetarian, without dairy, gluten or nuts etc. All of our cakes, desserts and confections are made in a kitchen that handles all of these ingredients. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are completely free-from any ingredient, as there is always a chance of cross-contamination. All of our products are therefore classed as either gluten-sensitive, dairy-sensitive or nut-sensitive etc, rather than free-from.


Vegan, Vegetarian & Dairy Sensitive

All of our cakes and most of our confections can be made without dairy or eggs or completely vegan. Including traditional buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream, ganache, truffles and chocolates. We're working on our vegan aquafaba macarons and hope to have these perfected soon too. We have years of experience in vegan and alternative diet baking here at Red Robin Pantry and believe that just because something is free-from it should not be in any way less enjoyable. Where possible all of our cakes and confections are created using organic and ethically sourced produce. 

Currently our gourmet marshmallows on our online shop are not vegetarian/vegan friendly, however like our macarons we are working on a recipe with a long enough shelf-life for this. We do however still offer vegan gourmet marshmallows for custom orders, weddings and events. They do only have a shelf-life of 5-7 days however, and are available in fewer flavours due to the method in which they are made.

Vegan Wedding Cake Cornwall

Gluten, Nuts and other Intolerances & Allergens

Gluten-sensitive and nut sensitive options are also available, however, please be aware that although we make every effort to minimise the risk of cross-contamination all cakes and confections are created in an environment that handles these ingredients. Generally, we bake all of our gluten-sensitive cakes with a frangipane base, using ground almonds in place of at least part of the flour. We find that this vastly improves the texture of the cake, so they are just as good as our wheat-based cakes, if not better. If you or one of your guests has a nut allergy, we will of course not do this, so please let us know

Some of our chocolates are made with nuts, and a few contain wheat, particularly snowies and jazzies as the sprinkles that are used are not gluten free. 

When shopping online all allergens are highlighted in bold in the ingredients list. If you are buying from us at the markets ingredients & allergens are all clearly labeled on our packaging on all of our pre-packaged items. We do sell many of our products from pick and mix jars, all allergens are stated at the point of sale, these do not however come with labelling, so we do not recommend buying these for others if you do not know if they have any dietary requirements. Alternatively, you can photograph this labelling to send on to recipients if you prefer. 

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