With current changes in how weddings are going ahead, you may not be able to have all of your friends and family attend your big day. So why not send all of those loved ones who can't be with you a Red Robin Pantry cake box in the post. Our large boxes contain six 1"x2" half-height finger portions for sharing, while our smaller boxes contain three finger portions. You can have these all in the same flavour or mix and match.

Large boxes cost £27.50 and small boxes £20 per box which includes next day special delivery postage and packaging (£9.80).



Due to the shelf-life of sponge cake and Italian meringue buttercream we cannot send cake box via slower delivery methods. So why not consider sending your loved ones a box of our truffles or some of our other handmade chocolates or confections instead? We'll be adding these in the coming weeks.

All of our prices for postal guest cake and chocolate boxes have postage included. You will not need to pay additional postage at checkout, so please select free postage for these products. If you do order anything else from our online shop postage will not be included in the price.